Katrina Kaif: Disheartening to read stories about personal life

Amid speculations of her break-up with rumoured boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor, actress Katrina Kaif says she is disheartened to read stuff about her personal life and feels that until one is not married, the person is single.

Katrina Kaif
Katrina Kaif

Ranbir and Katrina never came on record about their relationship. They were earlier seen together at each other's family functions, besides attending events and screenings.

"It disheartening to read stories on personal life.

You would rather like to read a breaking news that...we all have come to an agreement that Katrina Kaif is one the top five actresses in the world. I would want this to be the story," Katrina said in an interview here.

"I am like every woman, when you are working you want to be spoken about your career...your work. Every actor knows that their personal life will be spoken about, it comes along that way," she said.

The "Bang Bang" actress has neither confirmed nor denied reports of her break-up.

"I have said this earlier and I say it again...I believe until you are not married you are single. I am not married yet...I am not engaged as well," Katrina said.

The actress will be seen next in Abhishek Kapoor's "Fitoor".

  • fernandes01-Feb-2016

    in top five in the world??what,she is crazyyy????maybe in her little world,in bollywood town world to be on 5 place but not even there i dont think so,if ppl would be appreciated abt talent and not relations n "right" boyfriends with some power they she should be grateful somebody ask her abt personal life because of her famous bfs as nothing else abt her is not interesting.

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