"I could see something falling and suddenly, there was a commotion in the ladies compartment," recalled Geeta Gaikwad, 47, who was in the same train as Pallavi Vikamsey, when the latter lost her life.

Geeta Gaikwad (left) says she saw Pallavi leaning out of the train between Byculla and Currey Road stations
Geeta Gaikwad (left) says she saw Pallavi leaning out of the train between Byculla and Currey Road stations

Gaikwad is a resident of Thane and works at the pension department of the BMC, located in the E Ward building in Byculla. Speaking to mid-day, Gaikwad said, "I missed my regular train and took the 6.06 pm CSMT-Dombivili local, which was late by a few minutes on Wednesday. As usual, I boarded the second class ladies compartment (located next to the first class ladies compartment), which is the third compartment from the front-facing motorman's cabin."

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Saw her leaning out
"I got a seat facing the adjacent ladies first class compartment, and could see that the seating area was fully occupied. A few commuters were standing near the gangway. A young girl [could not see her face] wearing a black scarf or dupatta was standing holding the bar and the grab rail. The train started moving and I saw that this girl was leaning out. She did this twice or thrice as the train moved between Byculla and Currey Road," said Gaikwad.

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"As the train passed Currey Road, within seconds, I saw something falling and the girl who was standing near the gangway on the first class, started crying, "A girl has fallen, a girl has fallen."

"Immediately, I called the RPF number 182. This was done purely with the intent to ensure she gets timely medical assistance, so her life could be saved," said Gaikwad.

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Complete commotion
"There was complete commotion inside the ladies compartments; some women felt a cockroach or fly had entered. But when the train reached Dadar, both the ladies compartments got crowded again," she said.

"Within a few minutes, a police constable phoned me and asked if I was the one who called the control room. When I responded in the affirmative, the policeman said they thought I had fallen from the train. When I said it wasn't me, I was told the girl who fell had died on the spot," added Gaikwad.

"I have been travelling in local trains for the last 22 years, but I have never witnessed anything like I did on Wednesday evening. However, I appreciate the quick response time of the cops. Unfortunately, the girl could not be saved."

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A senior RPF officer said, "We received a message from the control room informing us about the incident. Our team spotted a dead body between Currey Road and Parel station and accordingly, GRP was informed. The girl died on the spot."

Post-mortem finding
The GRP took the body to KEM hospital's post-mortem centre, after registering a case under section 174 of CrPC. According to a senior forensic surgeon, "The body was cut into two pieces below the umbilicus, and had multiple fractures over the skull. Also, multiple bruises were visible at different places and cause of death was given as 'haemorrhagic shock following multiple injuries.'"

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