Lampard ends speculation by deal

The 34-year-old -- whose current deal expires in the summer and who has not been offered a new one -- said that he first got the idea when he was reading stories to his children.

The stories will follow the adventures of a school boy, Frankie, his football-loving friends, and pet dog Max.

Lampard said the stories were "loosely based on friends and team mates".

Frank Lampard. Pic/ AFP

"I first had the idea of Frankie and his Magic Football when reading stories to my own children," he said in a statement.

"Sport and reading are two essentials for us at home, so I decided to make up my own football stories and adventures."

Lampard, who is considered one of the most intelligent footballers around and is believed to have an IQ of 150 -- placing him in the top 0.1% in Great Britain -- will publish his first book, Frankie Versus The Pirate Pillagers, in June, followed by two more this year and another two in 2014.



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