Recently, there were reports of Rahul Raj Singh having a huge quarrel with alleged ex-girlfriend Saloni Sharma in an eatery. It was after the shocking demise of Pratyusha Banerjee on April 1, 2016, that there were reports of Saloni's entrance in Rahul's life.

However, known for his scandalous affairs, Rahul is again in news for his philandering ways. A spotboye statement claims that Rahul has buried his past and has moved way too ahead in his life. He is dating a South actress named Sita, who resides in Mumbai.

The report also states that Rahul's close friends are aware of his proximity towards Sita, which indicates a complete ouster of Saloni Sharma from his life.

A source told the portal, "After their big fight that day, Saloni and Rahul are not on talking terms." When the entertainment portal contacted Saloni, she was clearly irritated and said, "Please don't write about me. I have nothing to do with Rahul now. Let him move on in life with anybody and everybody. What he is doing does not concern me at all," and hung up.

"The fight that day in an eatery was simply because Rahul wanted Saloni back in his life. Saloni was just not interested and gave him a thumbs-down," told a source to spotboye.

Last year, Rahul was embroiled in a legal tiff for his alleged involvement in the shocking demise of his girlfriend Pratyusha.