London: One Direction singer Liam Payne teamed up with band member Louis Tomlinson to play a prank on Niall Horan's shiny luxury black Range Rover.

Niall Horan
Niall Horan. Pic/Santa Banta

Covering the vehicle in toilet paper and 'decorating' it with various items including a rake, teddy bear and a dustbin; Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson could barely contain their glee as they pranked their friend.

Unfortunately, the mischievous double act caused a security scare when original tweets and images leaked the Niall Horan's license plate, reports

The duo took to Instagram to record their fun with before and after photographs as Louis Tomlinson sat proudly admiring the pair's handiwork and his car details on the plate.

They even took to Twitter using #OhNoNiall to show off their joke, which trended for hours after the image was posted.

Luckily, Niall Horan saw the funny side responding with a joke: "I think they call it modern art..."