Linda Evangelista files child support lawsuit against Salma Hayek's hubby

May 03, 2012, 09:01 IST | ANI

Evangelista gave birth to her son Augie when Francois-Henri Pinault, was dating Hayek. The model claims Pinault, who is heir to a 11.5 billion-dollar family estate, should give their son more than 1,500 dollars-a-day - 807,000 dollars-a-year - for childcare and armed guards for his protection.

Linda Evangelista. Santa Banta

The case, which has come to a Manhattan family court as the former couple has been unable to agree on a deal, is expected to last four days.

When she brought the claim in August last year, 46-year-old Evangelista said the money would cover around-the-clock childcare and armed chauffeurs to take care of her son.

“I need to protect him,” the Daily Mail quoted Evangelista as telling Love magazine in February.¬†Evangelista is also demanding Pinault give her son a home similar to the 13 million-dollar California mansion he put in a trust for his and Hayek’s daughter.

Salma Hayek. Santa Banta

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