'Mad Max: Fury Road': Actors and their physical transformation

May 16, 2015, 08:35 IST | A correspondent

30 years after the third 'Mad Max' film starring Mel Gibson hit the screens, audience can enjoy the high-octane action yet again with the release of 'Mad Max: Fury Road'. This is the first time creator-director George Miller and Hollywood star Mel Gibson have not teamed up for a 'Mad Max' film. Stepping into Gibson's shoes is the English actor Tom Hardy, who is featured alongside Charlize Theron and Nicholas Hoult, in this post-apocalyptic action drama.

The striking physical transformation of the cast has become the talk of the town ever since the first look of the film was unveiled. We bring you the story behind the characters in 'Mad Max: Fury Road' and their physical transformation.

Charlize Theron as Imperator FuriosaCharlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa
Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa. Pic/Santa Banta

Charlize Theron sported a buzz cut to essay the role of Imperator Furiosa. She plays a one-armed warrior, loaded with a 10-pound mechanical arm, in this instalment of George Miller's 'Mad Max'.

As the shoot was over eight months long, Charlize wasn't leaving her three-month old adopted son Jackson behind with a nanny. She brought him along on the sets of the film in the deserts of Namibia.

One would believe chopping off her blonde locks would make a woman nervous. But Charlize admitted that shaving off her hair was a blessing in disguise. The 39-year-old was a new parent to Jackson at the time of filming and the idea of not having to style her hair every morning and save precious minutes was welcome.

Nicholas Hoult as Nux
Nicholas Hoult as Nux
Nicholas Hoult as Nux. Pic/YouTube and Santa Banta

Nicholas Hoult was born four years after the third film in the 'Mad Max' franchise, 'Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome', released. And now, the 25-year-old is seen playing Nux, a psychotic, terminally ill War Boy, whose pale skin is covered in tumours and sports a huge tattoo of an engine on his chest. His transformation to this scary car-chasing maniac required two hours of make-up daily.

Tom Hardy as 'Mad' Max Rockatansky
Tom Hardy as 'Mad' Max Rockatansky
Tom Hardy as 'Mad' Max Rockatansky. Pic/Santa Banta and YouTube

Tom Hardy steps into the shoes of Mel Gibson to portray the titular character of 'Mad' Max Rockatansky. He plays the lone desert wanderer, a survivor of a global catastrophe, who is captured by the hateful leader Immortan Joe, essayed by 'Mad Max' veteran Hugh Keays-Byrne. The film revolves around Max's attempt to escape with Imperator Furiosa and is peppered with high-octane car chases and confrontations with their oppressor. Tom Hardy said in an interview that he channelled a wolf to play Max.

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