Maisie Williams: Mind blowing that Beyonce Knowles, Jay Z watch 'GOT'

London: Maisie Williams says she is staggered by the fact so many mega stars, such as Beyonce and her husband Jay Z, are fans of her fantasy series 'Game of Thrones'.

Maisie Williams. Pic/AFP
Maisie Williams. Pic/AFP

Since 2011, the 19-year-old British actress has played the role of Arya Stark, a tomboyish young girl from a noble family, in the HBO fantasy drama television series.

It was her first professional role as an actress but even five years down the line, Maisie admits she hasn't got used to the scale of her fame yet and the fact that so many celebrities are viewers.

Jay Z and Beyonce Knowles
Jay Z and Beyonce Knowles

"It does blow my mind. It's so mad - even on her tour bus she's like Queen B and then she'll just sit with her slippers on watching 'Game of Thrones'," Williams said when asked how she feels that Beyonce, Jay Z are followers of her series.

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