Malfunctioning AC delays AI flight, leaves Mumbai-bound passengers traumatised

Sep 17, 2014, 20:36 IST | Neha LM Tripathi

Passengers of an Air India flight to Mumbai had a traumatic experience on Wednesday after the plane was stuck on New Delhi tarmac for over 1 hour with no air conditioner aboard the plane.

Fliers on AI Flight 315, an Osaka-Mumbai flight via Hong Kong and Delhi, were in for a shock after the plane remained stranded at Delhi airport for 90 minutes. The passengers on the Delhi-Mumbai route of the flight alleged that they were stuck on board with non-functional air conditioners.

The aircraft that was to take off at 11pm from Delhi to Mumbai could take off only at 12.30 am after 1.5 hours of delay.

The passengers were all the more furious when a female passenger’s health deteriorated due to lack of oxygen inside the aircraft. When the passengers sought medical help, they claim that they were told that there wasn’t even a medical kit in the aircraft.

Air India, has however, denied the claims.

Official spokesperson of Air India said, "There wasn’t any delay due to air conditioners. A lady passenger was sick and required a doctor, hence the flight had to be delayed."

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