Mallika Sherawat shown the door!

Upset with her tantrums, makers oust the actress from international production 'A Little Heaven In Me'

Being in the limelight is a cakewalk for actress Mallika Sherawat. But getting work in an industry that thrives on cutthroat competition is not easy.

Mallika Sherawat
Mallika Sherawat

The actress has probably learnt this the hard way now that she has been ousted from an international project. The film, titled 'A Little Heaven In Me', is being produced by US based company Bibia Films and will be directed by Indo- Canadian director Keshhav Panneriy.

Keshhav Panneriy
Keshhav Panneriy

The director confirms that the makers are upset with Mallika’s unprofessional behaviour. “She was the producer’s first choice, but due to her lack of cooperation and her unprofessional approach, we decided to replace her,” he says, adding that model Pragya Jaiswal has now been finalised for the film.

The director adds that Mallika not being a part of the film has turned out well for them. “She is perceived as a provocative and bold woman, and this real-life persona is drastically different from the character we wanted her to play,” he says.



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