Mamta Kulkarni's husband druglord Vicky Goswami held in KenyaMamata Kulkarni with Vicky Goswami

Drug baron Vicky Goswami, husband of Mamata Kulkarni was arrested by the United States (US) Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) from Kenya on Sunday.

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Apart from Goswami, Kenya has handed over to the United States three men suspected of trying to smuggle large quantities of heroin more than two years after their arrest.

Mamata KulkarniMamata Kulkarni

Kenyan brothers Baktash and Ibrahim Akasha were arrested in November 2014, along with Vijaygiri 'Vicky' Goswami and Pakistani citizen Gulam Hussein, at the end of a months-long sting by the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) which infiltrated the Mombasa-based organisation.

The men are accused of conspiring to import pure 'white crystal' heroin into the US at a knock-down price of around USD 10,000 a kilo. US officials believe the Akasha brothers are continuing the business of their late father, also named Ibrahim, who was described in a secret 2006 US diplomatic cable published by WikiLeaks as a 'drug baron'.

Goswami is believed to be married to former Bollywood actor Mamta Kulkarni. He was arrested in Mombassa in 2014 following a sting operation by Kenyan cops and the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). He was released on bail on the condition that he would stay in the country until a local court de cided on an extradition request by the US.