Suspecting illicit affair, man beheads wife, walks to court with severed head

Man first beheads wife, then walks to court with severed head
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Fed up with wife's alleged affair with another man, Jharkhand man not only beheaded his wife but also carried her severed head in a bag and took it to court.

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The disturbed husband, Bhuban Mardi, 38, who is a resident of Bandhmutu village near Ghatshila had an argument over wife's relationship with another man, beheaded her with a sharp weapon.

Man first beheads wife, then walks to court with severed head

"He was heading to court to surrender. We were tipped off about the killing and found the woman’s body in a paddy field near her house. The man was arrested as he was walking on National Highway 33," Sanjiv Besra, the DSP of Ghatshila told The New Indian Express.

The slain woman's severed head and body were sent for an autopsy. Although police are yet to confirm the motive behind the murder, a preliminary probe has found that Mardi suspected his wife of carrying on an extra-marital relationship.

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His neighbours were questioned and they revealed that the couple had frequent quarrels in the past few weeks.

Police suspect extra-marital affair to be the prime reason of murder although further investigations are still underway.



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