Striker Mario Balotelli

Nice striker Mario Balotelli seems to be more interested in pretty TV presenters rather than the football transfer news they are delivering.

Balotelli attracted criticism on social media after he wrote on Twitter that the female TV presenters were more interesting than the news itself.

TV presenter Laura Barth

“The girls on Sky Sport Calciomercato are certainly more interesting than the signings being made,” wrote the Italian striker referring to the one of the TV channel’s football transfer news shows.

Balotelli was probably referring to one of the presenters of the 24-hour show Laura Barth, a renowned sports and entertainment journalist, who is as famous for her good looks as she is for her sports knowledge. Barth, meanwhile, was busy promoting her show on Twitter.

“Ready for tonight, watch the transfer market at 10pm on Sky Channel 200 #skycalciomercato,” wrote Barth.