'Matured' Bhuvneshwar Kumar out to conquer

Bangalore: When the Indian team last toured England and won that famous Test in Lord's, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, the Test bowler who could more than hold his own with the bat, was born. Soon though, poor form followed a spell out due to injury and suddenly Kumar was struggling to make his comeback. The young man though has a good head on his shoulders and having assessed himself, put in the yards to once again be in a position to reclaim his spot.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar
Bhuvneshwar Kumar

"The first two years post my debut were very good. Last season, I won't say it was bad but it wasn't as good as my first two years. But I have learnt more in the last one year than I did in my first two years because when you are going through a good patch, you learn about yourself, you learn about your game and you try to improve day by day. So, I have become more mature as a player and a person in this last one year. I know what my game needs to improve at this level," explained Bhuvi.

He went to cite an example of what he did to ensure he improved. "Like if I am not getting wickets on a turning track, I go back to practice and work on what I need to do to improve my performance in those conditions," said Kumar, who is also well aware that there is stiff competition for slots in the Indian team.

"Competition for slots definitely is a healthy atmosphere. If you look at our bowling, there are variations – there are bowlers who can swing the ball, there are bowlers who can bowl at 150 kpmh, there are bowlers who extract help from the wicket. It's a healthy competition. But we are all aware that depending upon the wicket the captain and coach will decide the team combination," said Kumar.

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