Daily news reports of molestation and sexual assault have the common man wondering what depraved depths we have sunk to. Yet, there does not seem to be a let-up in sex crimes against women.

This paper highlighted a news report from Pune about a constable taking a video of a woman cop bathing in her home. He filmed the act through a window. The woman, who saw him do so, filed a complaint with a police station against him, and his family for assaulting her. Instead of standing up for the victim, the accused's family had actually attacked her, which is truly shocking.

We see increasing numbers of families who side with the accused, going as far as paying or luring others to take revenge or assaulting the victim themselves. This is not support; this is aiding and abetting a crime. It is time families stop confusing love and loyalty with supporting a crime.

It is also important that this constable be thoroughly investigated and his crime is not brushed off as some internal matter or fight between two individuals. His actions show the mindset of this constable, and it is frightening if he is put on the roads again as a keeper of the law.

One would have to be wonder how he would react if a woman complained to him about a stalker or molester. It is disconcerting to think that such a man will be on the roads to supposedly protect citizens. While one cannot judge a person by a single incident, this is surely heinous and shocking, and needs to be taken very seriously.

It is always worrying when upholders of the law themselves become breakers of the law. Especially in this climate where the graph on crimes against women is showing a steady and shameful incline.