'Planes: Fire & Rescue'
U; Animation
Director: Robert Gannaway
Cast: Dane Cook
The first Planes movie was a spinoff of Pixar’s Cars and was supposed to release direct to DVD. Execs saw an opportunity to do a quick cash grab and decided to release it in theatres. It was a good move because thanks to the marketing juggernaut of Cars and the merchandise the film sells, Planes was a big hit with the kids. Fast forward a year and hey presto – we have a sequel.
'Planes: Fire & Rescue' movie review
'Planes: Fire & Rescue'
So how does the sequel to a cash grab fare? Just as you expect it to be – a lazy exercise in filmmaking, with no effort to hide the fact that the film was made solely to sell more merchandise. If you consider that intention as a passable excuse, then Planes: Fire and Rescue is a masterpiece, because it clicks every single checkmark in a studio headed release purely to make money. The film doesn’t feel like a film as such – it wasn’t written and produced and directed. It actually feels like it was manufactured in a boardroom meeting with a marker pen at the studio. The execs know what pressure points kids have and what could make them come to theatres – and they achieve that feat with ease.

As far as the story, characters and narrative is concerned, nobody involved with the film is interested in those factors. The sequel follows the adventures of Dusty (voiced by Dane Cook), who pretty much is a replacement for Cars’ Lightening McQueen in this film. He gets involved in goofy things with his friends, finds a mission that he has to complete, and does it with honor and an attempt of charm. That is the entire film, as I said, it’s checkpoints and manufacturing rather than storytelling. That would still have been fine had the film been funny, but there isn’t a single joke worth giggling over, even for kids.

The one good thing about the film is that it doesn’t run too long. In 80 minutes the film zooms by, and the animation isn’t bad at all – seeing as the film uses the same animation engine as Cars. It’s pure eye candy, with a lame environmental message thrown in. Some kids might dig the visuals and the zooming planes. But most kids are smarter than that nowadays, even the very young ones. It’s certainly not for the big kids, though I suspect part three would make its way next year regardless of this one’s box office collections.
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