Sex Tape
A; Comedy
Dir: Jake Kasdan
Cast: Jason Segel, Cameron Diaz

Crummy without a lick of common sense, crass without an ounce of redeeming quality and unfunny beyond belief, Sex Tape qualifies spectacularly in the category of the worst films of the year.

Sex Tape
Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel essay a typical married couple, who used to have a ton of sex and are now feeling the heat after having children

For a while it seemed like Jason Segel could do no wrong — right from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, his films have been consistently fun, funny and fresh. Now with his weight loss it seems he has also lost his ability to maintain consistency in choosing good projects. Sex Tape teams him up with Cameron Diaz and the two participate in, perhaps, the lamest, most obscenely stupid movie plots of all time.

Mrs Diaz and Mr Segel are a typical married couple, who used to have a ton of sex and are now feeling the heat after having children. So one day they decide to spice things up by making a sex tape. Not only do they film themselves, but also somehow push the video on the Apple Cloud spread over several iPads that they gave to their friends. And then spend the next few days trying to recover the iPads from their friends before they see it. We will need a team of scientists to figure out how this film managed to get funded, given the nature of the plot.

That the story is completely idiotic is passable, but to present the Apple Cloud as an evil being that will somehow circulate your video to all your friends is unforgivable. Curiously, it seems like the film was partially funded by Apple because of all the branding shoved down your throat, and if Apple did fund it, what were they thinking? How could they allow the ‘Cloud’ to be shown as something that could ruin your life? And that’s not all, a kid in the film threatens the couple to upload their sex tape on YouPorn, and the two head over to the website’s headquarters and attempt to destroy the servers with a hammer. I tip my hat to director Jake Kasdan for filming such a plot point. It’s mindboggling and, in fact, quite fascinating to just sit through and observe the thunderstorm of stupidity unfolding
on screen.