Mumbai: 16 women escape through bathroom window of remand home

Jul 04, 2016, 12:33 IST | Asif Rizvi

As many as 16 women escaped through the bathroom window of a remand home in Chembur on Sunday. The officials have complained to the Chembur police after they did not find almost half of the count in the penitentiary home. Out of 37 women, 16 were found missing. The escaped women had been in the remand home for over a month.

According to the police, they have received a complaint of 16 women escaping through the window of the bathroom inside the remand home. The incident happened at Kasturba Mahila Sudhar Gruh at around 8 pm on Sunday. After having dinner, all of those who escaped went towards the bathroom to wash the empty food plates and then escaped one by one.

An official said, "While conducting panchnama it was discovered that the escaping was a pre-planned process. We suspect they had planned well in advance to escape from the place and therefore a day was selected and the time was decided. They all went together on pretext of washing empty food plates, those are provided to them in the remand home, and then escaped through the window."

DCP Shahaji Umap said, " 16 girls have escaped from Kasturba Rescue home by breaking the window. A case has been Registered a case under section 225 (B) IPC at Chembur police station. The girls were rescued under PITA. Further investigations are on.”

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