Mumbai: 73-yr-old man dies on boarding flight

A Swiss Air flight from Mumbai to Zurich (LX 155) got delayed for three hours after a 73-year-old passenger died soon after getting seated in the aircraft yesterday at Mumbai airport. When Ramanlal Patel, a wheelchair-bound passenger, complained of chest pain, the on-duty Mumbai International Airport Pvt. Ltd. (MIAL) doctor rushed to him but he had died by then.

An airline official said, “The passenger complained of uneasiness and chest pain but couldn’t be helped as he had already passed away by the time the doctors came in.”

Patel’s body was then de-boarded and according to the standard operating procedure, the Sahar police was roped in and they conducted the panchnama. This process led to a delay of three hours for the flight to depart. Swiss Air authorities did not respond to mid-day’s messages.

Swiss Air Spokesperson said, "Swiss International Air Lines is deeply saddened over the death of the passenger and extends its deepest sympathy to the grieving family. It is very unfortunate that the passenger suffered a cardiac arrest and died of natural causes. Our crew rendered the initial first aid and medical assistance till the time the passenger was attended to by the airport doctor. The accompanying spouse was extended all assistance by the airport operator and SWISS to complete the necessary formalities. Our priority and efforts have been in looking after the accompanying spouse and family in this extremely stressful and difficult time . After completing all the necessary formalities with the concerned local authorities and airport operator our flight was airborne at 0403 LT."

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