Mumbai: Beautician turns sleuth, solves her own theft case

Putting to use a basic investigative technique, a 53-year-old beautician from Mulund solved a theft after her bag containing Rs 1 lakh was stolen from a mobile phone showroom on Monday.

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Bharti Sewale helped the cops nab Sadguru Niravadekar after she gave them the phone numbers of everyone who had visited the showroom
Bharti Sewale helped the cops nab Sadguru Niravadekar after she gave them the phone numbers of everyone who had visited the showroom

The woman led the police to the accused, after providing them with a list of phone numbers of everyone who was present at the showroom at the same time as her. After conducting inquiries with all the people in the list, the Mulund police arrested the accused.

Bharti Sewale, the beautician, had gone to the showroom to pay her bills. She had kept her bag on the counter, from where it was stolen. Speaking to mid-day Sewale said, “I had entered the showroom at around 5.30 pm on November 23, as I had certain inquiries and even had bills to pay. I had a lot of stuff in my hands, so I kept the bag aside while I was standing at the counter.”

When she returned after inquiring at the counter, she saw that her bag was missing. “The showroom was empty while I was at the counter and I had noticed that three individuals had entered and had left immediately.

I inquired with the showroom officials whether they had CCTV cameras, which would help us determine the accused. But as they didn’t, I took the numbers of all the customers who had come to pay their bills and handed it over to the police,” added Sewale.

The store managers provided her with the numbers of everyone who had paid their bills during the time Sewale had been present at the store. The phone numbers were given since the store could not provide any surveillance footage to identify the thief.

Police say
Mohan Sarode, assistant police inspector from Mulund police station said, “Since we had the numbers of the suspects, we called them to the police station for inquiry. During the course of the investigation, the accused confessed to the crime.”

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The cops have said that the accused, Sadguru Niravadekar committed the theft because he was debt ridden. At the showroom, he saw a bag nearby, so he decided to flee with it and repay his loan.

“We have recovered Rs 94,000 from the accused. He repaid his loan of Rs 5,000 and bought household goods worth R1,000,” added Sarode. The accused has been booked under section 380 (Theft) of the Indian Penal Code and has been remanded in police custody.

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