Mumbai: Biker jumps signal, thrashes traffic cop for pulling him up

The cop did not retaliate, as he feared that someone would record a video and upload it online; he feared he’d meet the same fate as the female constables at Lalbaugcha Raja

The recent suspension of two female constables after they thrashed a woman at Lalbaugcha Raja, seems to have driven fear into the hearts of other cops. The same fear held a traffic constable back on Tuesday, when a couple on a bike thrashed him after he stopped them for flouting traffic regulations.

The police got the address of the biker and pillion rider who assaulted Constable Sampat Andhale, but they were not at home when they went there
The police got the address of the biker and pillion rider who assaulted Constable Sampat Andhale, but they were not at home when they went there

Around 8 pm, Constable Sampat Andhale (49), attached to the Mulund traffic division, had stopped the couple for jumping a signal. When the couple began to hit and kick him, however, the cop didn’t retaliate as he feared that someone would record the scuffle and post a video online.

According to police officials, constable Andhale was posted at the south-bound side of the Johnson and Johnson signal. Speaking to mid-day, Andhale said, “While I was stationed at the spot, a biker jumped the signal and did not stop after my colleague asked him to. I stopped them. But the biker, along with the female pillion rider, started hitting and kicking me.”

He further added, “I had seen the female constables suffer after the Lalbaug incident, so I decided I wouldn’t raise my hand on any law-breaker. Even when I was being assaulted, I didn’t hit them, thinking some local could record a video.”

Following the assault, the cops informed their superiors and Senior Police Inspector Kailash Chavan reported to the spot. Chavan said, “After I went to the spot, the couple threatened me, but I asked them to come to the local police station. They refused to come in our police van. They were supposed to come on their bike but never did. We have registered a case against them.”

After the case was registered with the Mulund police station, they got the address of the bikers on the basis of the vehicle registration number. An officer from Mulund police station said, “We have identified the couple and have also got their address. We are yet to nab them as they were not at their residence when we went there.”

The cops booked the riders under Sections 353 (assault or criminal force to deter public servant from discharge of his duty), 332 (voluntarily causing hurt to deter public servant from his duty), 504 (intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of the peace), 506 (criminal intimidation) and 34 (acts done by several persons with the furtherance of a common intension) of the IPC, along with Sections 184, 239, 129 and 179 of the Motor Vehicle Act.



  • kranti08-Oct-2015

    automated system is GOOD but they have to be maintained...see the dilema of the CCTV surveilance camera in the cty to keep a check on any eventuality...most of them are non operational or have been robbed....we have the capability and ability to put systems in place...however there is no political will...

  • Anand Ramachandran08-Oct-2015

    We must empower our police to shoot anybody who raises a hand on them. In US, a police officer gets full legal protection, even if they shoot innocents by mistake. That's why nobody dares mess with even a lone cop in US. Here, drug addicts and goons have taken over the roads and so-called secular 'human right's activists can be paid to make a hue and cry if police touch them. Also, cops have to stop doing 'bandobast' duty for netas.

  • Stephen Rayan08-Oct-2015

    Very Sad to see that most people have lost fear of law. I think we need to have automated systems that would capture number plates and impose fines for such traffic offences. Similar to systems being used in other countries.

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