Mumbai crime: 60 bananas, 4 enemas, but no sign of necklace

The 25-gram gold necklace is still lodged inside Anil Yadav’s stomach, despite cops giving the doctors four dozen bananas and other patients contributing some as well; Yadav had stolen the necklace on Monday and swallowed it to avoid being arrested

He’s eaten over 60 bananas and been given four enemas since Monday night, but 30-year-old Anil Yadav is still struggling to excrete out the 2.5-tola gold necklace that he had swallowed. Officials said the large pendant attached to the necklace is to blame for the lack of movement.

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If the necklace doesn’t come out the natural way, a surgery may be performed on Anil Yadav today
If the necklace doesn’t come out the natural way, a surgery may be performed on Anil Yadav today

mid-day had reported yesterday that Yadav had snatched the mangalsutra, worth Rs 63,000 from 52-year-old Rajeshri Mayekar on Monday afternoon. When he was caught by locals, he had swallowed it to avoid getting arrested.

mid-day’s report yesterday
mid-day’s report yesterday

After he was handed over to the Antop Hill police, they took him to Sion Hospital in the evening, where X-ray scans revealed that the mangalsutra, with its large pendant, was stuck in his food pipe.

Going bananas
The doctors at Sion Hospital had put Yadav on a liquid diet and fed him a lot of bananas. Senior Police Inspector Sanjay Surve said, “We provided four dozen bananas to the hospital so they could feed them to Yadav.

His family also arrived later, and they are also feeding bananas to him.” A doctor from the hospital said, “We fed him several bananas and asked other patients’ relatives for some and fed him those as well. Four enemas have also been given to Yadav, but the mangalsutra is not coming out. If it stays lodged inside, that won’t be good for Yadav’s health.”

Officials said that the main problem is the huge pendant, which is hindering its movement. They said they will wait till Thursday and one more enema will be given to him. If the necklace is not out by the evening, a minor surgery may be performed on Yadav to retrieve it.



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