Mumbai shocker: Man masturbates at woman in train; helpline treats it as joke
Pooja Nair posted an image of the pervert along with her post on Facebook

A 22-year-old student underwent a humiliating experiance on board a train from Borivli to Dadar, when a man from the handicapped compartment hurled abuses and even began masturbating at her. The girl, Pooja Nair, later posted her ordeal on Facebook.

According to Indian Express, in her Facebook post, Pooja stated that she was travelling in the women's compartment, which was occupied by 6 other passengers. A man from the handicapped section began hurling abuses towards the woman seated next to her. Both she and her co-passengers were wearing headphones so they initially ignored him.

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When her curiosity was piqued, she lowered the volume of her headphones and heard him using abusive language. When she made eye contact with him, he turned his attention towards her and starting going on an abusive rant. She initally felt he was mentally challenged, but he would do something shocking next.

The man began to unzip his pants and proceeded to masturbate while looking at her. It was then at this point that she decided to call the police helpline.

To her chagrin, the helpline operator refused to aid her in anyway and only laughed at her predicament and disconnected the call. Pooja was shocked at such callousness. After the train reached Kandivli, the man got down and approached the ladies compartment but was immediately shooed away after the woman present began yelling.

He then approached Pooja and threatened her with rape before walking away.

The girl's post has gotten her an outpouring of support on social media.


Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu tweeted the following after asked about safety measures on Twitter, after this incident: "2 Female staff has been deployed at Security help line for makng female complainants comfortable to express their grievances." (View his tweet above)