Mumbai Crime: Police man's son who killed his mother says he is mentally disturbed, asks for bail

Nov 09, 2017, 15:40 IST | midday online correspondent

A 20-year-old boy, who has been accused of killing his mother has pleaded to a sessions court to set him free on bail on account of the fact that he is mentally disturbed. The accused has been in judicial custody after the police apprehended him at Jodhpur railway station on May 25th as per a report by the Times of India.

Cops son who murdered his mother
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The court in turn has directed the chief medical officer of the jail that the accused is being held in to submit a final report on the mental health of the accused. They have also asked for any other relevant medical data.

The mother of the accused was found brutally murdered at their Santacruz (E) flat on May 23rd, 2017. In his plea the accused, who has been arrested for murdering his mother, said that he was not of sound mind and that he did not kill his mother. The defense has said that the behavior of the accused to show that his mental health was not stable. They added that the accused showed inconsistent behavior even while at home and added that it could be because of being under academic pressure.

The Vakola police in August this year submitted a 172-page chargesheet at the Bandra court with circumstantial evidence attached to it. That being said, there has been no confession from the accused.

The police also said that theyhascollected evidence like the blood-stained clothes of the accused, CCTV footage from his building and the statements he gave to the press and cops after his arrest in Jodhpur after being caught. 


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