After Vasai resident Atin Shah lost his iPhone 7 plus on the local train, he was handed a slice of the (rotten) Apple pie. The 50-year-old's Apple login ID and password were changed after he clicked on a link from a fake website to locate his stolen phone.

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Atin, who is a developer, lost his phone on the morning of April 21. He registered a complaint at the Naigaon GRP station and locked his phone by registering it on the Apple website.

An Apple iPhone 7 plus
An Apple iPhone 7 plus

On April 26, Atin's younger brother Rakesh received this message on his phone: "Dear Apple customer, your lost iPhone 7 plus is located. You can view location of your device now. Apple Inc." "When I logged in, it showed the phone's location in Bandra," said Atin. But an hour later, he received the same message from the number + 31614741495, after which he repeated the same process once again. "But a few minutes later, I stopped getting the location as someone changed the login ID and password," said Atin.

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When Atin called on the Apple help line, they said that they never send messages, only e-mails. Someone changed the login ID and password by sending a fake Apple link in a text message on the alternate mobile number. "If someone loses their iPhone and receives such messages, they should call Apple before logging into the site," said Rakesh.