The Royal Enfield ‘Bullet’, which was synonymous with the police force before new-age motorbikes caught the cops’ fancy, is all set to stage a comeback in the Mumbai police stable.

Bullets are much more durable than the other two-wheelers now being used by the police. File pic
Bullets are much more durable than the other two-wheelers now being used by the police. File pic

Sources in the state Home Department and city police said that the authorities have decided to turn to the rugged, durable and more sophisticated version of Bullets.

Bullets are an integral part of the defence establishment’s transport divisions even now. These bikes were preferred by the police as well, but they stopped using them two decades ago because of maintenance issues and consumption of fuel. Back then, not all personnel could easily ride the bike because of the placement of the gear lever and brake paddle.

But new Bullets come with conventional placements — brake on the right and gear lever on the left side and they also have electronic (easy) start options along with the kick-start system. Female riders also use the new bikes with ease.

Currently, Royal Enfield is immensely popular among motorcycle connoisseurs in India and internationally. Royal Enfield currently sells motorcycles in more than 50 countries and the bike surpassed Harley-Davidson in global sales in 2015. It started selling more especially after the Chennai-based company started using modern technology to improve fuel economy and make the vehicle easier to handle by way of new design and fittings.

The motorcycle is available in several variants in the 350 CC and 500 CC segments. In Mumbai, the ex-show room price ranges from R1.07 lakh to R1.95 lakh, depending on the model one buys.

Sources said that the sophisticated version of Bullets that are now available in the market would prove handy for beat marshals who ride continuously on bad roads in heavy traffic conditions.

They said that the Bullets were much durable than other two-wheelers now being used by the police, and hence would save on maintenance cost in the long run.

A proposal to place an order for some 500 Bullets is expected to be moved by the city police soon, said a senior police officer, requesting anonymity.