Mumbai University goof-up! Students get degree certificates with wrong surnames

Feb 28, 2017, 15:58 IST | Silky Sharma

Nikita Kite and Deepali Thakurdesai's (below) degree certificates.
Nikita Kite and Deepali Thakurdesai's (below) degree certificates.

On February 25, the convocation ceremony for Bachelors of Mass Media class of Ramnarain Ruia college turned into a disappointing event for two students, when they saw that Mumbai University had changed their names in their degree certificates.

MU had changed the last names of Nikita Kite and Deepali Thakurdesai. They tweeted a picture of the gaffe to MU on Twitter.

On the left of Kite's certificate, the Marathi translation of her surname is given as 'Nikita Patang,' which is a literal Marathi translation for the English word kite. A similar mistake was found in the certificate of Deepali Thakurdesai whose last name was changed to 'Thakurbhai.'

Really silly and shocking
After this incident, Ramnarain Ruia college is making a list of all the students who have such certificates and then they will submit it to MU.

Dr Suhas Pednekar, principal of Ramnarain Ruia college said, "Every year, some spelling mistakes are found in the University's convocation certificate, but this time the mistakes are really silly and shocking for us. The university has completely changed the meaning of the last names of both students, which is very embarrassing,"

Speaking to mid-day, MU spokesperson Liladhar Bansode said, "It was just a printing and typography mistake. We have informed all the colleges to send back all misspelled certificates. Even the students can directly approach any authority of the exam house. We will give back their certificate as soon as possible after the correction is made." Bansode later informed that Kite had visited MU and gotten her certificate corrected.

Will take longer
But students are hardly looking forward to the process. Thakurdesai said, "This is not a simple printing mistake, MU has literally changed the meaning of our surname by using Google translate and I am sure the correction work will take much longer than the time MU has taken in providing us the certificate."

"There are many students in our batch who have received the same error in their certificate. This year, I have not applied for my post graduation, but I am sure those who have taken admission or are trying to get a job will face a tough time because of this."

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