Murud tragedy: Authorities insisted on post-mortems on all 14 students, says doctors

Doctors at the Murud Grameen Hospital claim local civil authorities insisted that they conduct post-mortems on the bodies of all the 14 students who drowned at Murud on Monday. They claim in such cases, usually one postmortem is conducted and the remaining bodies are issued death certificates.

The Murud Grameen Hospital, where the post-mortems were conducted. Pic/Shadab Khan
The Murud Grameen Hospital, where the post-mortems were conducted. Pic/Shadab Khan

The body of a missing boy, Saif Madki, was found at the same place where his 13 friends drowned, around 9.30 am yesterday. A doctor at the hospital who conducted 10 post-mortems along with his colleagues, claimed that the authorities were adamant that he conduct autopsies on all the students. “The authorities were adamant that we carry out all the post-mortems, which was not necessary,” said the doctor.

When contacted, Medical Superintendent Pravin Bagul confirmed that 10 post-mortems were conducted at the Grameen Hospital, while four bodies were sent to Borgi Hospital nearby.13 post-mortems were conducted between midnight and early morning. According to Bagul, normally, post-mortems are not conducted in the night or in the absence of sunlight. “This was a clear case of drowning and there was adequate light. We had more than seven tubelights and a halogen lamp, which were sufficient for the postmortems,” said Bagul.

No issue
However, the chief officer for Murud Nagar Parishad, Vandana Gulwe Parsate, claimed that there was no issue at the hospital. “People from all over Murud town came to help. We had doctors, nurses and others who were not associated with the Grameen Hospital, who came and helped.”

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