Dear Diana,
I am studying for my postgraduation in medicine. After completing my MBBS, I did my internship and decided to do my postgraduation. Most of my friends are married whereas I'm studying. I had the opportunity to work in Bahrain, but I decided to stay in Mumbai and work in a hospital here. When I see my friends getting hitched, I feel I am missing out on things. I feel I am lagging behind.
— Dweep

Dear Diana 

Dear Dweep,
Why should you feel that you have been left behind? To each his own. Live in the present and stop worrying what will happen in the future. Just because your pals are getting married, it does not mean you should do likewise. You are pursuing your postgraduation in medicine, so strive to fulfillit and stop complaining about what you don't have and others have.

Dear Diana,
I am 26 and my boyfriend is 29. We were planning to get married next year. My guy's folks, however, do not like me. They have told me to stay away from him. My family have given their blessings, but have told me to avoid any problems with his family. My guy says he will abide with his family's wish and that I should move on in life. What should I do? Why can't my
guy stand up for me?
— Jasmine

Dear Jasmine,
You are planning to tie the knot with him, while he is going to do exactly what his family wants him to do. You seem to be living in a fool's paradise. This guy cannot stand up to you as he has no courage. He has clearly told you his intentions, but you are still clamouring for him. Tell him how you feel and still if he cannot convince his folks, it is better you go your way and he his way. You will be heartbroken, but it is better to be with a guy who can stand up for you and not this nincompoop who cannot reciprocate your love.