Dear Diana,
Ever since I fell for this guy at my workplace a year ago, my best friend has always been around when we are together. We would hang out together. She is my childhood buddy and I am extremely close to her. My guy was keen that she hook up with one of his close pals, so that all of us could hang out together. Three months ago, my guy changed jobs and it became difficult for us to meet often. He told me as it was a new job, he had to put in long hours. I understood his situation, but was shocked to find that he had been spending time with my friend instead. All this while I thought they were friendly because of me. I had no clue that they would hook up. They are having an affair behind my back. I don't know how to forget what has happened. My friend also has been avoiding me of late. Now I know the reason for the change in her behaviour too. What do I do? Should I accost them or quietly move away?
— Praneeta

Illustration/Uday Mohite
Illustration/Uday Mohite

Dear Praneeta
You will have to move on, but before that your childhood pal and your guy owe you an explanation. You have lost not only a friend, but also the man you loved. They have betrayed the trust you had in them. They were taking you on a royal ride and you had no clue what was going on behind your back. You were naive to think that their friendly banter was because of you. It's obvious that your guy has fallen for your pal. The fact that they kept their affair a secret means that they do not care for you. Meeting them and asking about their relationship will only lead to a slanging match. Things will never be the same between you and your pal. It is better you move on and let them be happy together. Next time do not let a friend become too close to a guy you fancy.