Dear Diana,
I can tell by my guy's recent behaviour that he has taken a fancy to someone else. He is not too keen to meet me and when we are together, he seems preoccupied. He is always busy texting someone. It was not like this before. We have been together for three years. Last week, he even forgot my birthday. It appears that he has become bored of me. When I ask him, he tells me I am being paranoid. He tells me to stop doubting him. I have been forcing him to tell me what is going on. I am giving my 100 per cent to the relationship. I really want to be with him. Why can't he be honest and forthright? He always has this excuse of being busy at work. The other day, he told me he would be working till late night in office. When I called his office board line, I was told that he had left at 7 pm. When I called him on his cell phone, he did not bother to respond. What do I do?
— Myrah

Illustraion/Uday Mohite
Illustraion/Uday Mohite

Dear Myrah,
It is clear that your guy is bored of you. Whether he has found someone else or not, is unclear. But he is definitely not interested in you. His behaviour is a clear indication that he wants to move on. It is strange that he does not want to tell you what is going on in his mind, but prefers to remain evasive. You are putting your 100 per cent in the relationship, but he is not. Your guy definitely owes you an explanation. He is taking you for granted and on his own trip. Also, why are you allowing yourself to take nonsense from him? It is time you be firm and ask him to reveal the truth. Meanwhile, you need to decide whether you want to continue being in the relationship. Do you want to be with a man who refuses to speak the truth? A relationship is based on honesty and truth; this guy does not believe in either.