'My husband has no time for me...'

Dear Diana,
I got married five months ago. It was an arranged marriage. A week after our marriage, my hubby got back to work. My father-in-law runs a readymade garments store. My hubby also works at the store. They leave around 10 am and by the time they are back it is almost 10 pm. The shop is open all seven days of the week. I spend my day doing household chores and keep everything in ship-shape in the house. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law spend most of the time in front of the TV. I have no one to talk to. I hardly know my husband as he is always busy in the shop. By the time my husband comes home, he is tired and just plonks himself in front of the TV. I have told him my problem and he has suggested that I get to know the neighbours to while away time. Sometimes I wonder where my life is headed. I feel trapped in the house.
— Mayuri


Dear Mayuri,
As your husband's shop is open all seven days of the week, he has no time to sit back and go easy even for a day. But he needs to take time off to get to know you. He may have his hands full all day long, but he will have to put in the effort to spend quality time with you. Perhaps he too feels the same way and wants to get to know you better. Instead of groaning and moaning about him, why don't you try and bring him out of his shell. For starters, suggest that you can help out in the store for a few hours every day, especially when the customer flow is heavy. This way you will be with him. If not everyday, you can help out twice or thrice a week at the store. Also, you need to spend some time outside the home with him. Take off for a weekend or visit a mall or restaurant often. Only after you spend time with him, you will get to know him. You have been married for only five months, so your fear and apprehensions are understandable, but be patient and work on building the relationship.

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    Why you keep repeating the problem in your answer??

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