Dear Diana,
I got married five months ago. For the first three months, my wife was sweet and caring. Things were fine between us. But since the past month, my wife has been showing her true colours. She is proving to be a difficult person. She gets abusive often and is quite stubborn. I have been taking all this in my stride and continue to be nice to her. Often, I am at the receiving end, but put up a front that nothing is wrong. She prefers to hang out with her folk and refuses to mingle with my side of the family. I've tried telling her about it, but she refuses to listen. When I start the subject, she goes on a verbal tirade. My wife has made life hell for me because of her attitude. What do I do? It was an arranged marriage and some of our common friends say that she was always a hotheaded girl. I feel I am stuck with a wrong person caught in a marriage where she has the upperhand.
— Veer

Illustration/Uday Mohite
Illustration/Uday Mohite

Dear Veer,
It appears that you are trying hard to make the marriage work, but your wife does not care. Due to her abusive nature, she wants to be in control. Things will get more and more difficult for you as time passes. It has been barely five months of marriage and things have gone awry. You need to speak to someone from her side of the family and tell him or her what is going on. If things go on like this, there will be nothing left in your marriage. You have been taking her nonsense quietly all this while, so she sticks to her stubborn stance. You need to tell her clearly what is on your mind and give her an ultimatum to change her attitude. If not, then you will, sadly, have to take a decision and go your way for peace of mind. At the same time, do not take any hasty decisions, listen to what she has to say as well.