Narendra Modi speaking white lies on development: Arvind Kejriwal

Ahmedabad: Accusing Narendra Modi of speaking "white lies" on development in Gujarat, AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal today said he would meet the Gujarat Chief Minister to discuss the development claims.

The former Delhi Chief Minister said he has raised 16 questions on development claims on Gujarat and wants to discuss all the issues with Modi if he has the time.

Kejriwal, who is on a four-day visit to Gujarat to 'verify' the development claims on the home turf of Modi, also raked up the gas pricing issue. "Modi should make his point clear on the issue of gas pricing," he said, adding, "Gujarat government has demanded that gas pricing should be USD 16.

Earlier, UPA government had given a go ahead to raise the price of gas from USD 4 to USD 8". He also alleged that Gujarat government is purchasing solar power at Rs 15 per unit, while the price elsewhere is Rs 8 per unit.

Arvind Kejriwal's Gujarat visitAAP chief Arvind Kejriwal waves to supporters following his arrival in Ahmedabad on March 5. Kejriwal, whose new anti-graft party in January announced it would contest most of the seats in upcoming general elections, is on a four day tour to Gujarat. Pic/AFP

"You are speaking white lies on the claims of development," the AAP leader alleged. He also raised questions on the issue of corrupt ministers in the Modi government and alleged that the chief minister has a bond with Mukesh Ambani.

"Why you have included Babu Bokhiria as a minister who has been convicted in a mining scam with three years sentence and at present who is on bail now?" he asked. "Whereas another minister Purshottam Solanki, who has been convicted in Rs 450 crore fisheries scam, is also a minister in your Cabinet," Kejriwal said.

"Don't you find an honest Gujarati among the six crore Gujaratis?" he asked.

"People say that you have such close relations with Mukesh Ambani that you have made Ambani family's son-in-law a minister," Kejriwal alleged. "You made Saurabh Patel a minister. By giving him portfolios like gas, petroleum, energy and minerals, in a way you allocated Gujarat's natural resources to Ambanis," he alleged.

"Unemployment is pathetic in the state. Recently, 13 lakh people applied for 1,500 posts of Talati. This clearly shows that Gujarat has a high rate of unemployment," said Kejriwal. On the contractual job system in state-run units, the former Delhi chief minister held Modi responsible for exploitation of youths.

"Educated youths have been given adhoc jobs on a meager salary of Rs 5,300 per month. Who will be able to run his family in Rs 5,300 per month?" he asked.

It is the government's responsibility to give good education to poor. We have been in the villages to verify the educational facilities in rural area, said Kejriwal. "Government-run schools are in worst condition, health care is in shambles, farmers have been given less compensation for land acquired from them by government," he alleged.



  • sameer08-Mar-2014

    Why is modi not replying to 17 questions posed to him by Kejriwal. Why does he only have one way communication and scared of open interactions/interviews. He has a lot to hide and Media like Timesgroup, IndiaToday group is helping him achieve his dream. Its no secret that Amit Shah is sent to UP to win at any cost, crores of rupee is being spent to buy poor voters of UP.

  • Rajnish 07-Mar-2014

    I feel AK is habitual of accusing and blaming others .He was given opportunity to serve people of Delhi but he has let down people. He is NOT MATURE TO BE CM OR EVEN AN MP.HE could have served people of Delhi by changing the system when he had charge. He is guy whom runs away from responsibilities and very eager to become PM for which is absolutely not FIT.

  • hemen parekh08-Mar-2014

    Arvind's Unfair Questions ? Since he could not ask Narendra Modi these questions in person , I believe Arvind has sent these to NaMo by courier I just overheard NaMo dictating a reply to his secretary , which went somewhat like this : Q 1... When will you raise KG Basin gas price to $ 16 ? A 1... Not immediately Q 2... You are buying solar energy at high prices A 2.... Sunlight is expensive in Gujarat Q 3.... How do you claim Agri growth rate is 11 % ? A 3.... Gujaratis maintain

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