Navi Mumbai: Cops stop Chinchpada woman from jumping off Airoli bridge

A 21-year-old woman was saved by the cops while she was attempting to commit suicide by jumping off the Airoli Bridge. The woman told the cops she wanted to commit suicide because she couldn't take on the responsibility of her family.

The woman, who is a resident of Chinchpada, Airoli, in Navi Mumbai, has studied till Std 8. "Her father passed away some years ago and her mother was unwell. Also, of her two sisters, one has a brain tumor. The responsibility of running the house was on the woman's shoulders and she had no job," a source said.

In the wee hours of Thursday, passers-by spotted the desperate woman on Airoli bridge and informed the Mumbai police control room, which passed the message to the Navghar police station.

A mobile police van immediately reached the spot around 1.30 am and when the woman was about to jump they stopped her and brought her to the police station.

Sub-Inspector Priyanka Kharatmal counselled the woman for an hour. The woman told the police that she had no job and her family was heavily dependent on her. The cops then informed the family and sent her home.