The costumed characters and topless women looking for tips in New York Times Square are now restricted to their newly appointed zones, as the NYPD have enforced new rules at the pedestrian plazas.

New York Times SquareNaked Cow girl at the Times Square. Pic/AFP

The changes went into effect Tuesday that restrict the street performers dressed up as Elmo, Elsa and others to designated painted rectangles.

There were mixed reactions with regards to new rules.

New York Times SquareNaked Cow Boy at the Times Square. Pic/AFP

Sandy Kane who lives in Manhattan thinks the rules are unfair. Playing guitar while wearing only pasties and underwear for nine years, Kane goes by the name 'Naked Cowgirl' opposed the new rule while The Naked Cowboy could barely contain his enthusiasm saying that the new rules are making things way better.

New York Times SquareNaked Cow Girl is not happy with the new rules. pic/AFP

What are the new rules?
>>The boundaries apply to anyone who is performing a service where there can be an exchange of money, like the street performers who for pose for pictures in hopes of tips.

>> It also includes vendors selling tickets to bus tours or comedy shows. Those who are caught out of bounds could be arrested and face a fine of up to $500 or jail time.

>> Characters looking for tips for pictures must stay within the blue activity zones, and the new look also includes green 'chill zones' and purple 'express lanes.'

>> There are eight different areas from West 47th Street down to West 42nd, all regulated by the Department of Transportation and enforced by the NYPD.