A new web series, Nimrat produced by Bangalore-based film school and production house, Flash Frame Visuals Academy of Film & Television (FFVA) has stepped out of drawing rooms and coffee shops for its shoot and is set in the scenic backdrop of Coorg for the first season, followed by the next season scheduled to be shot in Nepal. This fiction series about exploration of music by its protagonist, Nimrat, hopes to raise the standard of Web entertainment and content in India. Producer and creative head Aditi Soni and Keerti Kumar tell us more about the leap of faith.

Shooting Nimrat in a Coorg forest

Q. Why a travel series for the Internet audience?
A. The Internet audience is chiefly in the age group of 18 to 40. If we read them closely, there is this new urge to travel among this generation. They want to explore places, explore themselves. So much so, that I know of people who have sold their houses to travel the world. So where everyone is reading and writing about travel, am sure they would love to watch it too.

The cast and crew of NimratThe cast and crew of Nimrat

Q. Why pick Coorg?
A. Firstly, it is a visually stunning place. Secondly we have seen enough of north being explored. When it comes to the south, all know of Chennai or Kerala but Coorg remains a fairly unexplored destination except in a few movies such as Raavan or Saat Khoon Maaf. Then, of course, it suited the script too. The second season will cover Kathmandu and the Himalayas. The main reason being that the script deserves those locations.

Work in progress at a coffee estate
Work in progress at a coffee estate

Q. How was the experience of shooting in Coorg?
A. It is the most stress-free shoot location. People there are more than just warm. They go out of the way to help you with the resources, locations to shoot and such. They are not very camera-shy, are of the happy-smiley face-kinds, and are ever ready to face the camera; in case you’re keen to get them to act too. The weather too allows you to shoot for long hours.

Q. Why a subject like Nimrat?
A. The visual content is slowly getting repetitive. It’s the same formula, which is being fed to the audience time and again. Now times are changing and so is the audience. They love to travel, they love journeys, they love explorations, they love strong independent characters…they love it all because they can relate themselves to all of it. And that’s exactly what Nimrat is all about. She travels to different parts of the country to collect Folk music as a passion. This is when her life entangles with the people in each locale that the stories begin to unfold.

Q. Where is it coming out?
A. It’s yet to be finalised. We are in talks with a few Mumbai-based production houses but would not want to give out a name before it is final.