London: Lewis Hamilton has insisted he will continue to rely on his family for any mental support rather than turn to a sports psychologist.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton 

At the last Grand Prix in China, Mercedes enlisted the services of renowned sports psychiatrist Dr Ceri Evans, who played a key role in helping the New Zealand All Blacks win the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

Evans' (50) visit was a one-off, and whilst neither Hamilton nor teammate Nico Rosberg had any contact with him, he may return in future should the team need him.

However, Hamilton, who has won the last three grands prix to close the gap to Rosberg to four points in the drivers' standings, says he does not need outside help.

"It has zero impact on me. Zero. I don't speak to anyone like that," said Hamilton.

"It was really for the team. I'm sure they are trying to do everything as well as they can.

There are things you can learn from different sports and they are trying to see if there is anything they can learn.

"But for me, as a driver, it's not something I feel I need because since I was eight years old I've won every championship I've competed in, and all I've needed is me and my family."