The Maharaja’s troubles seem to be never-ending. In yet another incident on Tuesday, the non-functioning cooling system of an Air India Mumbai-Delhi flight, AI 806, led to a change in the aircraft, after the passengers complained of suffocation, leading to a delay of almost one-and-a-half hours.

The flight, that was supposed to take off at 8.15am from the city’s domestic terminal was delayed after the passengers entered the aircraft. Om Prakash Tiwari, a passenger explained, “The situation was so pathetic, we felt like we were in an oven. We were all becoming restless.

After some time, it was announced, that the cooling system of the aircraft wasn’t functioning and we would have to be shifted to another aircraft.” He added, “We all remained seated in the aircraft till 9.20 am and were then asked to move to the other aircraft.”

The flight reportedly departed around 9.45 am. The flight, which was to land in Delhi around 10 am landed only after 11.15 am. An AI spokesperson did not reply to mid-day’s queries. However, an airline official said that the change of aircraft was due to other technical reasons and not a non-functioning cooling system.