Now, a luxury police lock-up in Lucknow

Dec 31, 2011, 07:18 IST | Agencies
In an attempt to improve their image, the police have undertaken a major makeover of the lock-up at the police station in the posh Hazratganj area in the city.

The lock-up of the past an eight feet by eight feet dingy room with no air or lighting has been replaced by a swanky 15 feet by 10 feet area with a tiled floor and tiled walls. A wall has been built in a corner which acts as a partition for the toilet.

Police Inspector Vijay Prakash Singh said a western-style commode was in the offing and all efforts were being made to ensure that basic amenities were provided to the inmates.

Built for an undisclosed amount, the lock-up has a wash basin. The holding capacity of the lock-up has been enhanced to 30 prisoners from the present 12, though as many as 40 were forced into the cell till now.

The new lock-up will be opened in the New Year. It is the first of its kind in Uttar Pradesh. 


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