Nurses at a Chinese hospital have been asked to wear air hostess outfits in a bizarre bid to improve patient care.

The pilot project has been launched at Lianshui County Chinese Medicine Hospital in Jiangsu province.


Staff working in the Chinese medicine ward have been given special training and are now required to dress as air hostesses.

The aim is to offer a new standard of care designed to defuse tense situations between staff and patients and their relatives.

Recruitment for the voluntary program began in March, and the nurses involved were given training in areas such as communication by a real air hostess from China Eastern Airlines.

Nurses involved in the scheme are paid more than their colleagues but are expected to take on a bigger workload.

"The nursing department had long intended to create an air hostess ward, but just didn't carry it out," said a spokesperson from the hospital.

The air hostess uniforms at the hospital have a slightly longer skirt for reasons "everyone understands", said the spokesperson.