Paresh Rawal guarded about 'OMG: Oh My God!' sequel

Following the critical and commercial success of 'OMG: Oh My God!', there have been talks about a sequel to the movie. But actor Paresh Rawal wishes to be guarded about any details as of now.

Paresh Rawal
Paresh Rawal

"We have been working on it (the sequel), but I can't reveal much," Paresh said here.

The 2012 movie 'OMG - Oh My God' was loved by Bollywood audiences for its satirical take on people's blind belief in god.

"It was a very relatable film. The best part is that many people - from eight years old to 30 years old - have loved the film, and that's a big victory for us," he said of the movie, which even won a National award.



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