Political activists threaten to disrupt SRK's ad shoot in Mumbai

Political activists allegedly threatened to disrupt Shah Rukh Khan's ad shoot with foreign artistes at Mehboob Studios in Bandra, but fled at the sight of cops

Filmmakers have often faced trouble due to alleged interference by politically-backed film unions on the sets. Despite police commissioner Rakesh Maria's warning to such unions, sources say they recently targeted Shah Rukh Khan's ad shoot at Mehboob Studios.

Shah Rukh Khan at Mehboob Studios. pic/ SAYYED SAMEER ABEDI
Shah Rukh Khan at Mehboob Studios. Pic/Sayyed Sameer Abedi

A source says, "Shah Rukh was shooting for a commercial last Saturday night when a group of 50-60 political activists landed at the doorstep and threatened to stop the shoot. They objected to the producer roping in foreign artistes without permission and demanded to see their documents. The studio bouncers and members of the production team prevented them from entering the set."

A unit hand adds that the activists asked the producer to pay Rs 3-4 lakh as fine for employing foreigners. "When we refused, they started arguing and threatening us. That's when we had to call the police," the insider states.

Line producer for the ad shoot, Arpan Fernandes says that the shoot was disrupted for a few minutes, but resumed soon after the cops reached the spot. "The goons fled when the cops reached the studio. We had proper permission and work permit to rope in foreign artistes. Bandra police inspector Vilas Sutar was very supportive. I don't have any issues with any political party, but the racket needs to be stopped," he suggests.

  • Kelpha08-Apr-2015

    Identify a place far from such nuisance. Identify land parcels for stars and producers to build their bungalows. Identify land parcels for making studios. Announce that film industry move from Mumbai to the new place. Not only will Mumbai have open free spaces, but it will also reduce real estate prices, if Mumbai film and media industry moves away from Mumbai to a new place. Acting aspirants will throng to the new place instead of Mumbai. That way Mumbai''s population menace will also reduce.

  • totaram08-Apr-2015

    Absolutely right. This hindi movie industry has ruined Mumbai. It should move out to delhi or patna or elsewhere in north. Next stock market should move to gujarat

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