It doesn't take much to pull a prank on Prateik Babbar. RJ Siddharth Kannan recently had the honour of doing just that.

When Prateik was on Siddharth's show, he mistook a staffer for singer Mohit Chauhan. Siddharth then cashed in and told the actor that 'Mohit' wanted to interview him.

In the hilarious interview that followed, Prateik made many confessions, including telling the staffer that he was a big fan of his and loved his music.

He even made Mohit's lookalike sing him a tune. When the joke had gone on for too long, Sid burst out laughing and told Prateik about the prank.

A zapped Prateik couldn't believe what had just happened. But he was sporting enough to see humour in the situation. Well Prateik, at least someone got to interview you!