In yet another shocking incident, a juvenile has come forward saying he was sexually abused by an adult male at a Pune based shelter (home).

The incident came to light after the care taker Sachin Jadhav (30) of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Observation home lodged a complaint with Yerawada Police station, accusing Nitin Kadam (20), a juvenile at the time of the incident, still a resident o f the juvenile remand home.

This is not the first time that children from a remand home have reported being sexually abused. Just last week, there were reports of nine boys escaping such remand homes due to sexual assault.

Sub-inspector Arun Gaud of Yerawada police station said, "As per the complainant two children were sexually abused by an inmate who was  20-years-old.  As per the statement of the victims they were sexually abuse during the night, near the toilet and were threatened to be killed if they complained. The incident came to light after the care taker observed bruises on the bodies of the victims. On questioning them, they spilt the beans about how they were forced, beaten and sexually abused for over one week. We are now probing the case and soon will arrest the culprit."