Pune: Robbers strike at Azad Hind Express, stab and loot mother-daughter duo

In a shocking incident, robbers struck at Azad Hind Express in the wee hours on Tuesday near Daund. They stabbed and looted a mother-daughter duo hailing from Chhattisgarh, who were on their way to Pune. The incident took place when the train halted in an isolated area, just 20 feet away from a small police chowky. But, there was no police presence at the chowky.

The injured have been identified as Sampa Sinha (54) and her daughter Samiksha (25), from Kora village in Chhattisgarh. They had boarded the train from Bilaspur on Sunday and were seated at sleeper coach S-5. Both were rushed to a hospital by three Good Samaritans, local residents from Daund, who were waiting to board the train to Pune. They also approached the Railway Police. The victims are undergoing a treatment at Pyramid Hospital in Daund.

Narrating the incident, Sampa said, “From Sunday, we were travelling in the train. My daughter was sleeping, and I had kept my belongings in a bag, which I hung in an area near the berth. After that, I also slept. Usually women reservation seats are near the door, and toilet, which makes them a soft target for robbers. Around 5.15 am, someone opened the berth doors. I thought some person had kept it open for ventilator as the train had halted, and was waiting for the signal turned green. But, I realised that some unidentified person in the age group of 20-25 was pulling my bag lace.”

Sampa added, “I got up instantly, but before I could ask him anything, he started stabbing me with a sharp knife. Initially, I thought, there was only robber, so I held his hand tightly, but another boy came and can slit my hand. No one from train helped me. My daughter got up and she too was trying to nab them, but they were just stabbing us. There were three robbers in all, and they escaped with our bag. Later, when the train halted at the railway station platform at Daund, three boys helped us. One of the youths had his examination, still he helped us.”

Sampa informed that the youths saw them with blood stains and rushed them to the hospital in an auto. “I am really traumatised and never excepted such a thing to happen in Maharashtra,” she lamented.

Assistant Police Inspector Shyam Paware, of Daund Railway station, said, “The incident took place on Tuesday between 5-5.20 am when the train halted at Manmad side and was waiting for the signal to turn green. We rushed them to hospital along with three local residents. The victims are undergoing treatment. They are stable, but in trauma. “

Added Paware, “Samiksha completed her three-year fashion designing course from Pune. In February, she had come to her parent’s house after her examination was over. Sampa had travel to Pune to collect her daughter’s belonging, and they were to return back to their hometown on Friday.”

He added, “Soon after the incident, we, with the sniffer dog, tried to trace some clues. Some 30 feet away, we found the complainant’s bag and a few more feet away, we found her PAN card. We are probing the case, and will arrest the culprit soon.”

The three youths who helped to rush the victims are Pratik Salunke, Anand Ovhal and Vishwajeet Pachpute. Pratik is a first year B.SC student and had annual examination while Anand and Vishwajeet work in a Pune-based private company.

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