Quite palatable, this Pallette

Apr 17, 2013, 00:49 IST | Mumbai Guide

The quest for finding a good and pocket-friendly eatery near one’s office never ends. Aiming to coop in round-the-clock working professionals to their den is Pallette (that’s how they spell it), located in the corporate hub of Kamala Mills. But unlike several restaurants that try to make you feel swell as if you’re at your holiday home, Pallette makes you feel like you are in, well, office. Stark white interiors, except for a lovely sculptural wooden ceiling, we felt like we were on our lunch break when we were asked to grab a tray and pick up or place an order of what we liked. If you are looking for a quick meal during your lunch break in Lower Parel, with several options to choose from, new eatery Pallette does a decent job


The Chicken Hot Dog with two sausages was our money’s worth. Pics/Dhara Vora


The menu has a mix of burgers, pizzas, sandwiches and combo meals. Our first order was a Pepperoni Pizza (Rs 89) and a Chicken Hot Dog (Rs 109). From their fresh juices section only watermelon juice was available, which we decided to skip and go for a cola instead. The pizza worked wonders for a post-work-tired-soul with its moderately thin crust and generous shavings of cheese to give us our carb fix. The hot dog was another hit with not one, but two sausages with a good chunk of mustard, mayo and fried onions. The salsa sauce on the side was licked down quickly too.

The Paneer Schezuan Sandwich was served with a packet of chips and was perfectly grilled

From the vegetarian section we tried the Polenta Crusted Corn and Jalapeno Burger (Rs 109) and a Paneer Szechuan Sandwich (Rs 109). The paneer in the sandwich tasted more of the spicy curry types than Szechuan, but was delicious nonetheless. The bread was grilled perfectly, the filling wasn’t stingy and those who love spice will like the sandwich. The burger however, was a disaster. The jalapenos were missing and the patty was not at all crunchy and disintegrated quickly. Overall the burger was extremely bland and we thanked the lord for our spicy sandwich.

The Pepperoni Pizza had just four slices of meat but can be branded as comfort food 

We were quite stuffed to try their combo meals, which consisted of two main course dishes, so we went straight for the dessert — a Butterscotch and Chocolate Mousse (Rs 79 each). The first was avoidable, but the chocolate option is what you should definitely order: gooey and full of chocolate. For fatigue woes, free coffee on every meal is also available. With a few tweaks to its vegetarian menu, Pallette can be every office’s canteen with its quick service and reasonable rates for what’s on offer. 

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