Rakhi Sawant is back with an item song!

Apr 17, 2015, 08:44 IST | The Hitlist Team

Politicking may have kept Rakhi Sawant away for a while, but the drama queen is back at doing what she's known for - item songs.

Rakhi Sawant is back with an item song!Rakhi Sawant flaunts her assets in the item song. Pics/Satyajit Desai

The starlet shot for her video album 'Jaan Bigdela' at a restobar in Andheri recently. During the shoot, Rakhi was at it. She posed for sultry snapshots puckering up for the camera and flaunting her ample assets.

Rakhi Sawant is back with an item song!Rakhi Sawant shows off her derriére in the item song

In a daringly low-cut dress with a rising hemline that showed her derriére, Rakhi made some sexy moves on the dance floor leaving onlookers rather horrified.

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