Ravi Shastri is perceived by many as being the voice of the Board of Cricket in India (BCCI). During India's 2011 tour of England, there were reports here of Shastri for being on the BCCI's payrolls to preach their gospel.

Ravi Shastri at Press Club yesterday. Pic/Pradeep Dhivar
Ravi Shastri at Press Club yesterday. Pic/Pradeep Dhivar 

Yesterday, Shastri, who is now the Team India director till the next World Cup, made his stance clear. "There is no directive by the Board. And if you listen to my commentary, do you think there is a directive?

I have no agenda. My agenda is cricket. I speak on what I see," said Shastri. He pointed to the 2002 players' contract issue where Shastri intervened on behalf of the players to sort the problem.

"When there were problems for the players or when you had to go anti-establishment everyone forgot whether you are BCCI or not BCCI… conveniently. When there was a lack of communication and the players asked me to represent them to sort out the issues, where were all these guys then? I give a jack (to the pro-establishment image).

People are allowed to think what they want. It's not going to affect me. And half the things I have done, I stand vindicated," said Shastri. He thanked the BCCI for giving him a commentary platform.

"If I have achieved anything in life as a broadcaster or as a cricketer, I must thank the BCCI for giving me that platform. A lot of people forget it," Shastri signed off.