Referee was biased: Afghan coach Kargar

Dec 12, 2011, 07:48 IST | IANS
Afghan football coach Mohammad Yusuf Kargar yesterday accused Singapore referee Sukhbir Singh of being biased towards India, who won 4-0 in the SAFF Cup football final.


Kargar said: "In the second half, the referee gave a wrong penalty which affected the morale of the team. The referee killed the game. The referee was partial to us. I don't know whether he is a Sikh or a Hindu but he supported them (India). His judgment cost us the game," he added.

India captain Climax Lawrence, however, disagreed and said that the referee was right in red carding the goalkeeper: "The rules are simple. You cannot the touch the referee in any circumstance. I think the red card was justified."

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